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Established in October 2021, Shaneya Jackson and Michael Allen brought Raegan Chisley's vision to life. Raegan's wants to empower individuals and their families by educating them on health wellness and awareness.  She also wants to ensure our youth don't miss out on education by providing the tools necessary to be successful. 

Today, RSW is fulfilling Raegan's vision by assisting individuals with high medical deductibles, financial coaching on their OWN health saving accounts, and scholarships for the youth majoring in STEM.

Our Mission

"To increase health awareness and wellness of families in disadvantaged communities, through educating families on how to live a healthy lifestyle."

Our Vision

To foster physically, mentally, and economically empowered families in underprivileged communities and at a disadvantage.

Our Programs

Cultivating A Healthier Community

Soaring Eagles

Happy Circle
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