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Raegan Sharnae Chisley

Raegan Sharnae Chisley, smart, vibrant, loyal, trustworthy, friendly, outgoing, supportive, talented, passionate, vivacious, intelligent, friend, sister, niece, daughter, iconic, A RAE of sunshine.


You didn’t have to wonder what she wanted as a child, teenager, or young adult. If you’d listen she’ll tell you more than once and she’ll speak loud and proud with determination. At age 3, she asked to dance. She became a dancer and performed on a competition team from age 10 to 12. At age 10, she asked to play basketball and played for 3 years. Due to her determination and talent, she played up to one age level. At age 5, she asked to cheer and cheered for Aberdeen Civic League before moving on to cheer at Churchland Middle School and Bethel High school. 


She freely expressed her passion for dance, basketball, and cheering, and at age 12 she proudly expressed her desire to attend North Carolina Central University (NCCU). To ensure acceptance in their Bio-medical science program, she studied hard and often get upset if she earned anything less than a “B”.  After being told by her parents to apply to at least 5 schools and visit at least 3, she did so but made it very clear to her parents, she would be attending NCCU. She graduated with the highest honors from Bethel High School. While attending Bethel, she was enrolled in the Governor’s Health and Science Academy early college program, through Thomas Nelson Community College. With her persistent hard work and dedication led to her acceptance into NCCU as a second-semester Freshman. 


Raegan carried her talents to her dream school NCCU, as she was entering her junior year as a Bio-Medical Science major. At NCCU, she was a member of the Minority Association of Pre-Medical students and also served as a chemistry tutor. While balancing work, school, and social life she also interned at the North Carolina Health Careers Access Program’s Science Enrichment Preparation Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Raegan was aspiring to become “Dr. Chisley”. After undergrad, she was planning to pursue her Medical Degree specializing in Anesthesiology. Our future doctor wanted to practice abroad for a few years and then return back to the USA to practice and start a non-profit to assist scholars, youth, and families requiring medical attention. 

Raegan held so much promise and could’ve changed the world one community at a time. Though she may not be here physically, her presence is still alive and well. 

To our Dr. Raegan Sharnae Chisley, we thank you for the lifelong memories, the laughs, the tears, the motivation, the fashion advice, the loyalty, and your ever-lasting personality that has impacted each and every person you have encountered. Your name will never be forgotten, your legacy will live forever through Raegan Sharnae Way.

RSW will keep her legacy alive. 


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