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Raegan Sharnae Chisley

affectionately known to family as "Pork Chop" and "BooBoo" was passionate about giving back to children and families. She had plans to work abroad for 3 to 5 years and return to the United States to start a non-profit. The non-profit would assist families by educating them on health illness amongst minority families, support/spokesperson while in doctor's care and financial wellness.

Raegan was an advocate for education. She encouraged all her friends to earn good grades and seek assistance from their instructors if they didn't understand the material. While attending North Carolina Central University (NCCU) she initiated a program to help train students with their upcoming  Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and other qualifying exams for medical school(s). She also was a chemistry tutor at NCCU. From this experience she said "Mommy, I want my organization to offer tutoring for classes like chemistry, biology, history, and MCAT."

Raegan was indeed an advocate for education and even bigger advocate of expressing oneself and did so through fashion. She was a fashionista & sneakerhead, she almost never missed a shoe release and even if she did, she always had a connect to get them. When it came to fashion and putting together a outfit she was your go to girl, her outfit was always a hit and never a miss! Raegan had plans to open a shoe and sneaker store to assist with generating revenue to assist families with medical financial hardship.


RSW will keep her legacy alive. 

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