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Our programs aren't a hand up or a hand's a move forward

Soaring Eagle 

Our youth are our future leaders. Soaring Eagle program strives to provide our youth with the opportunity to be successful in their future aspirations by providing scholarships, cultural arts, and tutoring. 

Though we place high emphasis on mentoring  student athletes in underprivileged areas, we also extend our program to youth who aren't student athletes. We want to change the mindset of our youth from focusing so strongly on sports as their way out but to "also" focus on education, knowledge and skills. So if they don't make it to the big leagues, they have another option to move forward on. 

Throwing Caps
Healthy Green Smoothies
Fresh Produce

Knowing is always 10 times better than not knowing. Not asking questions is always the dumbest question. Our Cultivating a Healthier Community program will educate individuals in communities to KNOW and ASK. We will educate our communities on how to stay healthy and well. We'll strive to teach the community on how to ask questions about their health and wellness from their doctor as well as better eating habits and exercise.

Raegan Chisley our "Dr. Chisley" noticed as a teen many people at hospitals for major surgeries with worry on their faces and no friendly face in the waiting room or next to their bedside, assuring them  or reassuring them everything is going to be Ok. 

As an Anesthesiologist and often time the last voice you hear before going under, Dr. Chisley said "every patient she encountered especially children would have that reassurance of support".


Our Dr. Chisley program will provide reassurance of support through donating Dr. Chisley Bears, aid in medical cost, and educate families and individuals on creating their OWN health savings account. 

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