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"I met such a wonderful woman and her boys today! She presented me with a chromebook and school supplies for my classroom from an Adopt-A-Teacher program I had seen on Facebook, This organization, not only helps local teachers and students, but provides locals

scholarships all in memory of her daughter who must have had the same incredible spirit as her mother. I was so moved by her story and I wanted to share the information about her organization with others. Meeting people like Mrs. Jackson and her sons today, make me want to be better and do better!"

Jennifer Reaume Siler - Adopt-A-Classroom Recipient

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"I entered this contest at the suggestion of Margaret Griffin Bailey. Today I was beyond grateful at what was delivered to me. I will be sharing with my colleagues.

For Christmas Raegan Sharnae Way joined hands with our sponsor Classic Nissan Newport News to bless 25 families. Visit our website and Classic Nissan Newport News to see pictures A Classic Christmas.

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