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RSW is Soaring High! 
With Zariyah Mone't Cornick
Premiere Keynote Speaker

Zariyah Pic.jpeg

They said she would never be able to walk or talk.....Ms. Zariyah tossed her head as a baby and said watch me do it ALL.

Zariyah is a 6th grade student at Western Branch Middle School where she is intermittently home schooled. 

Zariyah has defied many odds and she lives today as a 12-year-old who is very loving, sincere, talented, an avid reader, and caring to others.

Zariyah loves pop music, serving God, playing various Roblox games, with her friends and attending dance classes. Zariyah has excelled in dance for 5 years in various genres including Ballet, Tap, PrePointe, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, and Pom & Cheer at Turquoise’s School of Dance   Virginia Beach, VA. DuringZariyah's tenure at TSOD she has excelled from beginners’ classes to the intermediate level of dance in most of her classes.

Although Zariyah continues to manage severe esophageal reflux, she has adapted a stringent diet to mitigate yet another trip to the doctor.  Zariyah is scheduled for a procedure this summer to correct another challenge, however she continues to grow and excel in many of her endeavors. 

Zariyah is encouraged to activate her faith and she believes with God All Things Are Possible!!! 

I am honored to share my story with The Raegan Sharnae Way Foundation because it is a great platform to help someone else who may have similar challenges. Did I mention although I didn’t have the pleasure to meet Raegan we share the same birthday June 9th!!!

 God has allowed Ms. Shaneya to connect with me through Divine intervention!!! 


P O BOX 6424





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