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Our Inspiration

Raegan Sharnae Chisley

Raegan Sharnae Chisley, smart, vibrant, loyal, trustworthy, friendly, outgoing, supportive, talented, passionate, vivacious, intelligent, friend, sister, niece, daughter, iconic, A RAE of sunshine had dreams of starting her own non-profit after medical school.

She began sharing with family her desire to start a non-profit to aid and educate families with health concerns after her friend Chanda White, uncle Kenneth Robinson, and grandmother Berneda Nock developed health issues. Through Chanda's fight and survivor of breast cancer, Uncle's loss to cancer and her Grandmother's loss to cardiovascular disease, Raegan was more determined to start her organization and combat health illness. She wanted to transform the lives of individuals and families through health awareness. Her vision of health awareness are support, education, and advocacy (in this order).


Raegan wasn't  able to see her dream come true because she gained her heavenly wings after losing her life to gun violence in June 2021. Raegan a proud student of North Carolina Central University and intern at North Carolina Health Careers Access Science Enrichment Preparation Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was aspiring to become "Dr. Chisley". She'd planned to practice abroad for a few years and then return back to the USA to practice and start her non-profit. Raegan held so much promise and could’ve changed the world one community at a time. Though she may not be here physically, her presence is still alive and well. ​

To our Dr. Raegan Sharnae Chisley, we thank you for the lifelong memories, the laughs, the tears, the motivation, the fashion advice, the loyalty, and your ever-lasting personality that has impacted each and every person you have encountered. Your name will never be forgotten, your legacy will live forever through Raegan Sharnae Way.

RSW will keep her vision alive. 


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